A hint Of Swedish craziness, a pinch Of European sophistication, and lots of wildness, Olof Runmarker is a self-taught fashion stylist, and a photographer as well. 

Don’t get it wrong, there is major influences popping in his works. Having been based over dazzling cities like Berlin, Buenos Aires, London and New York, Olof navigates through nightlife and art scene with intense interests in their creatures and inhabitants. 

If two words were needed, let’s say joy and escapism lay at the core of his artworks.


Exhibiton with Kalindi Valeur
Karl-Marx Strasse 26 Berlin
June 25- July 25- 2018

"Zaffarrancho Revista"
Zaffarrancho, Buenos Aires 
Spring of 2017.


+46 (0) 722717646

109 Dacre Park, SE13 5BZ,

London, UK.


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